MyEatable is an e-commerce platform for consumers and local food stores. Consumers can order groceries, restaurant food, fast foods and Bakery items from your favourite shops in your area or city and get delivered to the home. 

We are customers friendly 

Getting bored by waiting at restaurants for your food? 

Are you busy in doing work at home? 

Having Lack of Time to go for a Supermarket? 

Are in a dilemma in the selection of items at Supermarket? 

Then just chill out. :) Here we find a solution for customers. 

MyEatable service is getting connected with the sum of supermarkets and restaurants to provide you with the items at reasonable cost. This service acts as an intermediary between the customers and supermarkets, restaurants. Customers order their desired items through MyEatable. 

MyEatable gets those items to your home at reasonable costs and in a specified time.For us, the customer always comes first! 

We make food ordering easier for you. With most famous stores from cities, towns, district headquarters .we provide both convenience and is elegantly crafted to present an effortless online shopping experience to the consumer.Customers are given the benefit to organise shop and place an order within minutes from the comfort of their home. All purchases are delivered to them by their retailer in a matter of hours and payment is made at the time of delivery. 

As a desire to bring effortless shopping experience, cost effective and easy manageable e-commerce solution, every day strives to be a leader in providing easy to use e-commerce platform.

“Customer satisfaction is our happiness” 

We hope we will reach our customers all over the region with the best quality & service.“Happy shopping”

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